We are very pleased to announce that you will be seeing a new face to the website of ICOM.  For some time now we Microsoft Word - Document1have been planning and progressing towards a new website that will be far more extensive and interactive. Our vision is to bring you all of the amazing facets of ICOM online.  We are so excited about this new development!

When you think about ICOM, you are referencing hundreds of people’s names and missions that we are associated with.  Now you will have a chance to hear from the folks who collaborate every year to do workshops, main sessions, set up their exhibit displays, attend one of our many pre-conference events and more.  We want the information and dialogue that fuels the work of the Kingdom work to prosper 365 days a year.

This new website will break down into several features:

  1. Events.  ICOM may be the biggest missions event of the year, but there are several other events that take place all over the country every year.  We want to make them known.
  2. News.  Thanks to Reggie Hundley and folks at the Missions Network, we will have the opportunity to spread the news that is taking place among our own missionaries around the world, as well as link to their site.Microsoft Word - Document1
  3. Resources.  We want to create a collection or bounce point for many types of resources to come together. This could come from different types of missions, have a mission theme of the month or a series of contributors who are active leaders in mission service in all kinds of ways.  We hope to publish some e-books through this new site as well.  There are so many folks doing great works for the kingdom, we want to push as many as we can to the front, just like we try to do at ICOM.  But now, it will be available 365 days a year!  These are just a few of the themes we will host online year round:
  • Adopting Unreached People Groups
  • Global Business
  • Missionary Care
  • Prayer
  • Mobilization
  • Church Planting
  • Short Term Missions
  • Making Disciples disciples
  • Urban Missions

Our goal is to launch this summer.   Keep your eyes open for our future release!  What else do you

want to see on our new site?

David Empson

Executive Director, ICOM